Michael Estafo and Sabrina Estafo are sibling authors who mostly like working on stories together, but also have tons of their own!

It all started with the Unlock the Unknown book series. When they were the ages of four (Sabrina) and five (Michael) the idea emerged through playtime. It wasn’t until they got older, twelve and thirteen, that they decided to take those ideas and make it something bigger, better, and obviously a bit more mature. Those ideas merged into the ten book Unlock the Unknown series. It is their most developed series to date and will always be the closest to their hearts. However, there isn’t a single story written by the two or singularly that isn’t an unforgettable adventure filled with meaning.

The most important things to them is keeping their stories original, opening minds, allowing an escape, showing powerful themes and lessons, and tapping into all the emotions.

When their heads aren’t in the sky dreaming up stories and they aren’t working at their family-owned restaurant, you can catch Michael doing photography, exercising, and/or expanding his knowledge through the boundless Internet or through conversation. It also isn’t rare to see him watching some funny videos on YouTube or on Netflix. If Sabrina isn’t writing or developing for stories, she’s always in the kitchen—her food and wellness blog, Sabrina’s Sinless Secrets, keeps her busy creating and making new sinless and delicious recipes, taking photoshoots, and doing lots of cleaning. Health and wellness is her thing so she enjoys exercising, clean-eating, and a good laugh! She likes to keep the rest a secret…

Michael and Sabrina are night owls, so it isn’t uncommon to see their bedroom lights on up until the morning — they can’t help when their creativity sparks!

Estafo Books

Estafo Books